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New Profile Posts

  1. Ultra Tile
    Ultra Tile
  2. Ultra Tile
  3. GHL Geoff
    GHL Geoff
    It's new van day
  4. MosaicGirl
    Roll on spring, my carving fingers are itching!
  5. A1-tiling-Glasgow
  6. Ultra Tile
    Ultra Tile
  7. MosaicGirl
    MosaicGirl jay
    Miss you, Jay.
    1. GHL Geoff
      GHL Geoff
      Hard to believe it's nearly a year G
      Nov 24, 2015
    2. MosaicGirl
      Isn't it..
      Nov 26, 2015
    3. GHL Geoff
      GHL Geoff
      We will raise a glass and show he's not forgotten
      Nov 26, 2015
  8. Perfect Level Master
  9. Perfect Level Master
    Perfect Level Master Tommyzooom
    With a Trade account i can guarantee a better value package with ongoing support, for all of your leveling system requirements. :)
    1. Tommyzooom
      Thanks, If you want me to trial them, no problem, the last clips I ordered from Italy.
      Nov 20, 2015
    2. Perfect Level Master
      Perfect Level Master
      i would love you trial them, all i ask is you give me genuine feedback and photos to. If you require any assistance whilst using the system just let me know. :) Contact me through the site so we can arrange delivery :)
      Nov 20, 2015
  10. MosaicGirl
  11. Ultra Tile
    Ultra Tile
  12. GHL Geoff
    GHL Geoff
    How easy would our jobs be if we didn't have customers??
  13. SBt
    It's like deja vu all over again!
  14. tile-tec
    tile-tec Joe @ Hillhead Tiling
    Hi Jo ,I'm a self employed tiler Las 21 years in derry give me a shout if your looking any tilers ,quiet yp here at the minute,cheers
    1. Joe @ Hillhead Tiling
      Joe @ Hillhead Tiling
      Any website or fb page??
      Sep 24, 2015
  15. East Coast Tiling
    East Coast Tiling
    Could someone kindly recommend a reputable Victorian Tile Restoration Course provider?
  16. Ultra Tile
    Ultra Tile
  17. JP Tiling Contractors
  18. westerhope tiles
  19. pexster
    finally home polished concrete topping finished, now off to start microcement floors busy bee
  20. pexster
    In guernsey grinding the hardest concrete topping ever, really wish I had a big 3 phase machine.
    1. amir patwa
      amir patwa
      You are welcomed to borrow one at any time!
      May 13, 2015
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