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Advice Needed Please!

Discussion in 'Tile Cleaning & Restoration' started by jim, Oct 4, 2015.

  1. jim

    jim New Contributor

    Hello all,
    Please,can anyone advise me?
    I have unglazed polished porcelain floor tiles.Although i'm pleased with how they look the high gloss shine is unpractical regarding cleaning (dust,footprints,streaks etc)!
    My question is,is it possible to get them back to a matte finish?

    Cheers in advance,

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  2. Grace's Dad

    Grace's Dad Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

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  3. Lithofin bob

    Lithofin bob Junior Contributor

    Hi jim, is your floor a new install ?
    Possible light polymer smear across the surface left over from the grouting process -this can make cleaning of the tiles difficult and cannot often be seen.
    I you wanted you could try a deep clean of the tiles with a stronger product than your daily cleaner , I use our intensive cleaner ( other makes avalible) 1-3 diluted and work across the floor in sections with a white pad . This could make a difference

    The other thing ,what do you clean the floor daily/ weekly with ? Washing up liquid or other soaps can leave surfactants /product residues on the floor which can leave streaking ,footprints . Try a specific daily cleaner for polished porcelain this should state streak free and you should not need to rinse. This again could make the difference and hopefully ease the maintenance and the floor may not be such a pain to you.
  4. jim

    jim New Contributor

    Hi Bob,
    It's not a new install (3 years)& I've tried various strength cleaners. The best result was probably steam cleaning. The main problem is dust,we Hoover twice a day but have glass doors at both ends of the room so the light is constantly shining across it. Drives the Mrs crazy!
    Thanks for the input.
  5. amir patwa

    amir patwa Serious Contributor

    How large is your floor and do you have a slow speed buffing machine?
  6. ray

    ray Superb Contributor

    spray the floor with a bit of mr muscle window cleaner then wipe off with a flat mop dry will pick up the dust and leave no streaks .water will always leave streaks on polished porcs .

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