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Another Newbie!

Discussion in 'New Joiners Introductions' started by Liam Oxford, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Liam Oxford

    Liam Oxford New Contributor

    Hi all,

    My name is Liam and I am currently working in the plumbing trade but looking to change a take up and career in wall and floor tiling full time.
    I have experience from a training centre in Coventry but found I learned a lot more when I started to undertake a few jobs installing bathrooms for clients and friends.

    Anyway just thought I would say hello :thumbsup:
  2. Joe @ Hillhead Tiling

    Joe @ Hillhead Tiling Awesome Contributor

    Hello and welcome Liam.
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  3. DavidCarr

    DavidCarr Tiling Forum Admin Staff Member

    Hello Liam,

    Please make yourself at home and don't be afraid to ask questions.
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  4. Bob Neary

    Bob Neary Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome from the the southern hemisphere. Yes ask many questions even if they are silly ones, we have loads of silly answers to give away.
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  5. Albert

    Albert Awesome Contributor

    welcome Liam :)
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  6. jay

    jay Awesome Contributor

    Welcome to the forum Liam
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  7. Lee@TileTown

    Lee@TileTown Tiling Product Supplier

    Hello Liam, welcome, stick around and hopefully you will gain plenty of knowledge.
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  8. MosaicGirl

    MosaicGirl Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

  9. Schluter-Systems Ltd

    Schluter-Systems Ltd Tiling Products Support

    Welcome on board Liam,

    If you want to drop your details through to sales@schluter.co.uk we will arrange to send you a Schlüter-TILER-KIT consisting of a 17 litre mixing bucket and lid, with a 4 x 3 Karl Dahm Trowel and a 5 m Tape for FREE. Will even chuck in a polo shirt if you let us know your size.

    Have a look at www.trainedwithschluter.co.uk as we run 4 practical trianing course on applications such as Showers and Wetrooms, Substrate Preparation, Underfloor Heating and Balconies and Terraces. This years now fully booked up, however there are a few dates available on some course for January and February.


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  10. T'T

    T'T Junior Contributor

    Hello Liam. Where abouts in Coventry did you do your training and who trained you if you don't mind me asking?
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  11. Liam Oxford

    Liam Oxford New Contributor

    Hello Tim,
    Think it was called Central Tiling or something like that it was run by a bloke called John and his missus.
    Think I still got the pics we all took from there somewhere.
  12. T'T

    T'T Junior Contributor

    Hello mate I thought it was you I was on the same course as you!! We had the bloke from Ireland (originally from Liverpool) duncan and a few others I can't really remember!! All I can say is I'm still waiting to earn as much as John said we would in tiling!!! He isn't there now after when we finished he finished that year and apparently he had no bookings for the next year due to the recession and the units rent was up for renewal so got out. Last thing I heard he was doing was being a nvq assessor hopefully he was better at that than trying to teach people to tile! The years have flew by though eh!??
  13. Liam Oxford

    Liam Oxford New Contributor

    Bloody hell! yeah I remember you Tim.
    Didn't think he was still there lol wasn't his surname Lawler should of been Lawless.
    it wasn't a great course but it was a good crack with the blokes we had there.
    So how you getting on and have you had any contact with anyone else that was there?
  14. T'T

    T'T Junior Contributor

    I did sort of speak to Duncan a year after, he was doing bits and bobs said hed learnt more from doing jobs than the course which i agreed! Did speak to another bloke michael who had done the course through another forum he had nothing good to say about john either! last person I spoke to was you if you remember you was at a funeral! Im getting on well have a lot of repeat business so must be doing something right! What about yourself did you do much tiling? I remember last time I spoke to you you had only done a couple of jobs? You still working for your dad?
  15. Liam Oxford

    Liam Oxford New Contributor

    That must have been my mate's brothers funeral few years back.
    Yeah I have done a few bits and bobs and still working for my dad but wanna try a change now been doing plumbing for years now and its getting boring. Duncan was right you learn more when you get out and get stuck in.
    So the other guy you spoke to is that how you found out about Central tiling closing down?
    Wonder where John is now?

    Glad to here you got a fair bit of work on mate really pleased for you.
    And I see you live down the coast now,very nice mate.
  16. T'T

    T'T Junior Contributor

    No mate John rang me out the blue one day asking if I wanted to do my nvq he then told me about not training anymore. The way he spoke about it you can tell he was prob handing out nvqs like confetti!
  17. Tommyzooom

    Tommyzooom Top Notch Contributor

    Welcome aboard Liam.:)
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  18. Liam Oxford

    Liam Oxford New Contributor

    Thank you

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