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Floor Needing A Bit Of Tlc

Discussion in 'Tile Cleaning & Restoration' started by GHL Geoff, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. GHL Geoff

    GHL Geoff Serious Contributor

    image.jpeg Got a floor needing cleaned there's no damage just wondering if anyone up here restores them? I'm happy to give it a go myself if anyone wants to give advise! I bought a wet polisher last year for a slate job that never came off if that would do it?
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  2. Monsees

    Monsees New Contributor

    That'll look nice all cleaned up....
  3. GHL Geoff

    GHL Geoff Serious Contributor

    Hope so! The house was bought buy a Scottish banker who works in Australia but coming home to retire we are doing all the bathrooms and the kitchen tiling and asked me about cleaning these at front door so anyone with advise/products or wanting to do the job let me know ... G
  4. TomAstley

    TomAstley Junior Contributor

    Loads of videos on Youtube Geoff - It will be easy for someone of your experience.
  5. GHL Geoff

    GHL Geoff Serious Contributor

    Cheers tom I'll give it a go and post results
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