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Announcement Great British Property Scandal

Discussion in 'Tiling News' started by Lee@TileTown, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Lee@TileTown

    Lee@TileTown Tiling Product Supplier

    A week or so ago i answered to a tweet from TV Designer George Clarke requested trades people in and around the Mansfield (Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire border) for help in bringing Empty Homes back into use training ex military boys who desperately needed help.

    This is part of a long running campaign spear headed by George Clarke, who was appointed as the independent empty homes adviser to the Government

    I was called by the company behind the transformation of these 7 terraced houses in Mansfield, House 2 Homes who asked what Tile Town could do to help.
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  2. Lee@TileTown

    Lee@TileTown Tiling Product Supplier

    So today we set off in the Tile Town lorry with a pallet of tiles (must say a big thanks to BCT for help with this) as well as Adhesive & grout from Weber (again, support much appreciated)


    I was even interviewed on Camera for the TV show The Great British Property Scandal that will be on air this Autumn. (I now know why every time a footballer gets interviewed he says urmmmmm........OMG.....talk about being out of my comfort zone!)


    There's another 5 houses left to do on this project, all the guys on site are ex servicemen that a being trained on the job, all will come out of this with qualifications as well, and the houses with be made available for ex servicemen as well.

    What did strike me is a couple of things, A the power of twitter, the response that can be generated by just a simple call for arms.......and B......there is nothing what so ever wrong with these houses at all.....its a proper crying shame they are not in use.
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  3. KEV

    KEV Independent Tile Retailer

    Nice one Lee.
    We did one of these shows last year on UK living called the new reclaimers. Different format but a GREAT feeling that you've done something to help others. No personal gain, (except some free tv advertising) just because you could.
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  4. Del w

    Del w Junior Contributor

    Well done Lee.
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  5. jay

    jay Awesome Contributor

    Very nice Lee
  6. T'T

    T'T Junior Contributor

    Nice one Lee must have been a good feeling being able to help out.
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  7. Lee@TileTown

    Lee@TileTown Tiling Product Supplier

    yes, was good to be a small part.....got a nice tweet from George today as well....

    Maybe one day I'll be tile supplier to the stars!!!!

    don't worry chaps.....I'll never forget where I've come from!!!
  8. Lee@TileTown

    Lee@TileTown Tiling Product Supplier

    Heres me getting interviewed on Channel 4......Im pretty sure this wont make the cut!
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  9. Russell Hawes

    Russell Hawes Underfloor heating

    Well done mate, it makes you laugh when the govt say developers have to build all over the green belt as there is no space left, when there are thousands of empty neglected houses/ homes all over the place.
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  10. Lee@TileTown

    Lee@TileTown Tiling Product Supplier

    Totally agree Russell, absolutly nothing wrong with these houses......apart from they are in Nottinghamshire ;)
  11. branty1uk

    branty1uk Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    I was gonna say that Lee, but I was just gonna say they're up north.
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  12. Albert

    Albert Awesome Contributor

    Still south to me:p
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  13. Lee@TileTown

    Lee@TileTown Tiling Product Supplier

    Plenty down SARTH as well Danny.....
  14. DavidCarr

    DavidCarr Tiling Forum Admin Staff Member

    Having been in stoke this week, we've seen loads of boarded up houses, whole place looked really run down.
  15. MosaicGirl

    MosaicGirl Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    How good, Lee, well done you, and the next interview will be easier, it's just practice. :) There are so so so many empty properties about, it's just all skewy.
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  16. Grace's Dad

    Grace's Dad Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Oy! North is Cheshire and above. :mad:
  17. MosaicGirl

    MosaicGirl Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

  18. Grace's Dad

    Grace's Dad Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    North is rugged and wild and majestic. Ale is served properly too.

    South is overcrowded, over-developed and you don't get a head on a pint of ale.
    (and they're a bit whiney too :p)

    (...bring it on!!!)
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  19. AOS Tiling

    AOS Tiling Superb Contributor

    I ventured up North last weekend to Manchester. There were 5 of us out for the day to football. We had he misfortune to purchase what was described as 'chips'. This transpired to be a bag of over cooked, low grade potatoe chippings, full of eyes an fat dripping from the bags in our hands. To a man, none of us could eat this muck! I should have known better - same thing happened the lasttime I was in Leeds!
  20. Grace's Dad

    Grace's Dad Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

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