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Hello There...

Discussion in 'New Joiners Introductions' started by bikerboy, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. bikerboy

    bikerboy New Contributor

    Hi all,

    I'm Chris and can I just say what a great forum you have here..........

    I am not personally in the trade but I am in the industry and have been reading through posts here for the last few months and have been very impressed with not only the level of knowledge on tap, but also the day to day banter which takes place.

    I am hoping that all you tiling guru's may be able to point me in the right direction with a few queries I have.

    I have bought a wreck of a house and over the last 9 months have stripped it back to the four walls and completely refurbished it internally.

    And so we come to the next big job required.....

    The bathroom and en-suite wetroom......

    OK, so the missus has chosen the tiles. I like them...... and so did the wallet.....

    600 x 300 10mm porcelain to be laid onto a mixture of cross boarded ply floor (18mm then 9.5 wbp glued and screwed at 150 c/c), mr plasterboard walls, grp tanking and newly (2 months ago) plastered walls.

    The great thing with doing something like this is buying new tools.....

    Tile cutter - I have been looking at the Sigma 3CM. Looks to be the right size for what I need and for any future projects. I realise you peeps all have different views on Rubi/Montolit/Sigma etc and I will never get a definitive answer but all I ask is whether this size is sufficient? I know I could get away with a 3b but just think the C offers the extra size vs price comparison. Also, it will live at the house so no day to day humping required. What do you think?

    Tools - being a lefty I was looking at getting some left hand orientated bits. Been looking at the raimondi's? Also, really looking for advice on the sizes to get..... They do a 9mm round notch, would this be sufficient for the floors and walls for the size of tile or should I look at separate size wall and floor trowels? All surfaces are brand spanking new so no big hollows/bulges.... Advice appreciated including grout floats/sponges/nippers etc.

    Adhesive - Mapei Keraflex S1 maxi grey with Primer G on the plasterboard walls. Worked out quants on the basis of 5kg per metre floor and 3 kg per metre wall. Is this a suitable rule of thumb? Anything else I may need?

    Ditra matting - I managed to acquire enough from one of our previous tiling contractors. However, I have never used it and never managed to see it laid. If I was going to use it on the bathroom floor (cross ply) and wetroom (grp tanking) how do I bond it correctly and with what?

    Finally, I will have a number of service penetrations required. 15 and 22mm pipes and 32mm wastes. Can you point me in the right direction with regards to good quality cutters.

    Sorry for the massive post.....

    Thanks in advance,

  2. DavidCarr

    DavidCarr Tiling Forum Admin Staff Member

    Hello and welcome Chris, excellent first post. You'll soon see we love our sigmas here. I'm sure the guys will be able to answer your questions.
  3. Albert

    Albert Awesome Contributor

    Welcome to the forum Chris
    I am sure some one will give you the advice you need;)
  4. AMA Tiling

    AMA Tiling Top Notch Contributor

    Welcome Chris, you can't go wrong with a Sigma. Just jeep it clean as you go along and don't leave it anywhere it will get dusty.Dust will stick to it and cause wear, thus inaccurate cutting.Unless you looking to city a 600x600 tile diagonally. My father was left handed and managed for over 35 years with I suppose what you would call right handed trowels @;) notches I suppose on the tile size,and deviations in the surface you're tiling too. 9mm sounds good to me but everyone will have a preference of their own. You'll get some good advice on here and between everyone you will be up and started In no time.
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  5. AMA Tiling

    AMA Tiling Top Notch Contributor

    *city - Cut I meant. Using phone & predictive text is well....unpredictable lol
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  6. Clive Hill

    Clive Hill Serious Contributor

    Welcome buddy!

    Don't use WD40 to clean or lube it, always use Silicone spray.....It won't clag up with dust and make a grinding paste on your Sigma :D
  7. AMA Tiling

    AMA Tiling Top Notch Contributor

    My dad being old school had them all covered in 3in1 lol. Got him into the silicone spray eventually lol.
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  8. MosaicGirl

    MosaicGirl Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome Chris! Luckily, as you will know, my job here is simply to put the kettle on.. :) Sounds like a fun project you have there!
  9. Clive Hill

    Clive Hill Serious Contributor

    Ein tasse cafe bitte, Gisela! :D
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  10. MosaicGirl

    MosaicGirl Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Ohhh, with our without grammar lesson? Watch your endings, dear.. :p
  11. Clive Hill

    Clive Hill Serious Contributor

    Don't tell me it's feminine........

    I really should learn German properly :(

    Especially as a group of us intend to go over for Oktoberfest this year!
    MosaicGirl likes this.
  12. MosaicGirl

    MosaicGirl Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    The cup is feminine, the coffee male. Tough, I know, sorry. So it's 'Eine' And Tasse with a capital T. And it's Kaffee. But apart from that it was perfect :) ;)

    Oh, and which Oktoberfest are you planning on? Stuttgart? Munich?
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  13. Clive Hill

    Clive Hill Serious Contributor

    It's been so long since using it properly that now you've written that I'm banging my head against this tablet, because I SHOULD know that :(

    I might get myself down to college and get my GCSE now, just to prove I can do it :p
  14. MosaicGirl

    MosaicGirl Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    I know you knew.. and I sympathize. I had Spanish and French, too, and when you don't use it you lose it, simple as that. You'd get there in no time though if you spent some time in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.. at least you're trying! So ten points for that. :)
  15. jay

    jay Awesome Contributor

    Welcome to the forum

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