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Hi All!!

Discussion in 'New Joiners Introductions' started by Jamie, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. jay

    jay Awesome Contributor

    Nope dont think Doug lives in TAS
  2. magyar vizsla

    magyar vizsla Superb Contributor

    yep, just separated by about 10, 000 miles Jamie lol, (Jay's down under in Tasmania)
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  3. jay

    jay Awesome Contributor

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  4. magyar vizsla

    magyar vizsla Superb Contributor

    lol, need to type faster!
  5. Jamie

    Jamie New Contributor

    Ive had a few wines tonight Mike......... Ill wait until the morning to get my head around that one o_O Cheers buddy!
    Just havnt got a clue what the rough sqm price is, I know its not as straight forward as that when pricing a job but I dont know where to begin.
  6. magyar vizsla

    magyar vizsla Superb Contributor

    set yourself a target Jamie based on all substrates being flat and ready to tile onto, that will give you your tiling labour m2 price. All the prep work, charge out on a daily/hourly rate plus materials, that should keep you in the black not the red.
  7. mike

    mike Serious Contributor

    nothing in this game for 2 in a bed, got me thinking of jim bowen then doug :D
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  8. mike

    mike Serious Contributor

    i judge each job on it's merits and work out how long it will take me and charge accordingly. i don't do it by meterage as all jobs are different but i guess it's each to there own.
  9. Schluter-Systems Ltd

    Schluter-Systems Ltd Tiling Products Support

    Welcome on board Jamie,

    If you want to drop your details through to sales@schluter.co.uk we will arrange to send you a Schlüter-TILER-KIT consisting of a 17 litre mixing bucket and lid, with a 4 x 3 Karl Dahm Trowel and a 5 m Tape for FREE. Will even chuck in a polo shirt if you let us know your size.

  10. Northern Tiler

    Northern Tiler Junior Contributor

    Hi & Welcome Jamie

  11. Tommyzooom

    Tommyzooom Top Notch Contributor

    How do Jamie

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