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Question How Far

Discussion in 'NZ Tilers Forum' started by ray, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. ray

    ray Superb Contributor

    how far do you travel to work on average. i live in london most of the work would be in a 5 mile raduis and some times thats to far :)
  2. jay

    jay Awesome Contributor

    Up to 38 miles one way Ray when needed
  3. ray

    ray Superb Contributor

    i bet you do 38 miles faster than i do 5 miles
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  4. Albert

    Albert Awesome Contributor

    I travel anywhere :) have done since the late seventy's, Firstly as an employee then in the eighties for myself.
    I actually prefer to work away from home
  5. jay

    jay Awesome Contributor

    not betting on that Ray .last big job away was a tad under 38 miles took 40 mins to go one way did 3 weeks of traveling on that one,guessing it would take you the same amount of time to do 5 miles
  6. ray

    ray Superb Contributor

    40 mins to 120 mins if its 40 mins then anther 10 to 20 mins looking for parking:(
  7. jay

    jay Awesome Contributor

    Thought so
  8. ray

    ray Superb Contributor

    had a tiler working for me came from canvey island 2 hours there 2 hours back every day had done this journey for years told him thats twenty extra working weeks a year lost to traveling time plus petrol .when he thought about it he decided the local work would pay more in the end if he worked two exstra hours a day .lost a good fixer but he got a life back
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  9. Grace's Dad

    Grace's Dad Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    I'll go an hour so thats about 60 miles. Up to north Cumbria, over to Yorkshire, down and across to Merseyside and north Wales or as south as Cheshire.
    I much prefer being close to home though. Current job is 5 mins away!
  10. AOS Tiling

    AOS Tiling Superb Contributor

    Max one hour. preferably 30
    minutes - if I had to travel North and I generally head south, anywhere up to Paddington - St Johns Wood would be ok but anything further north is hassle. If you've got work closer to home, why would you?
  11. magyar vizsla

    magyar vizsla Superb Contributor

    probably no more than 10 miles these days, used to go up to Perthshire quite a bit and that was 220 miles there.
  12. DavidCarr

    DavidCarr Tiling Forum Admin Staff Member

    I travel anywhere as long as the costs (fuel, time and accommodation if required) are covered.
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  13. Clive Hill

    Clive Hill Serious Contributor

    Ray, great to see a gaffer appreciating the work:life balance. One of the reasons I went self employed was because of the demands being placed on me in my previous sector. National Transport Directors expecting you to be at their beck and call 24/7. I took a week off on holiday and was emailled about an issue with my depot....when I didn't reply (my "out of office" was sent to him), he called my personal mobile and decided to try and b*llock me for not knowing what was going on at my depot!

    Needless to say, he wasn't impressed when I asked why he wasn't speaking to the covering manager, (who HE had put in place to give them a challenge) as I was on holiday, and would be claiming the time back.......

    I handed my notice in upon my return and have never looked back :D
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  14. Grace's Dad

    Grace's Dad Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Nicely done Clive! In sales, when Blackberries were new I was expected to have mine on 24/7.
    I wouldn't do it. When I got home it went off.
    Talking to sales people now it's even worse. With the threat of job losses they act like they actually own you!
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  15. T'T

    T'T Junior Contributor

    Normally an hour but if it's a decent sized job and can cover the fuel cost i do longer journeys but will start later than I normally would but leave the same time as I would normally!

    Clive good on you mate!
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  16. mike

    mike Serious Contributor

    I've only done 15000 miles in 3 years in my van due to most of my work being on the island which is only 4 square miles. I do travel up to 25 miles on occasions though
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  17. Clive Hill

    Clive Hill Serious Contributor

    You must change vans before you change tyres Mike! Been a long time since I was up there....
  18. Joe @ Hillhead Tiling

    Joe @ Hillhead Tiling Awesome Contributor

    Iv done a few at 1.5 hours each way.
    They have to pay well or it's a no thank you.
    60-70 miles max but most is within 20 miles radius.
  19. branty1uk

    branty1uk Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Not in my experience. My line manger tells me to stop emailing when I'm on holiday.
  20. magyar vizsla

    magyar vizsla Superb Contributor

    my main thing when I was full time was not the miles, but the hours, rarely did less than 70 hours a week....god i miss those days :eek:
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