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NZ Tilers Forum How Is The Work Situation In Nz

Discussion in 'NZ Tilers Forum' started by jay, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. jay

    jay Awesome Contributor

    Just wondering how the work situation is
  2. Bob Neary

    Bob Neary Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    There is usually enough work but it depends on which market you target. I know some guys who are getting top dollar and have plenty to get on with. Buts that because only those who have more to spend can afford a job that not only looks a million dollars but will last the distance. At our trade breakfast this morning we were talking about what our local tilers had to compete with and it's really comes down to this... If you want a million dollar job then most of the tilers can give you that...But... If you want to use it for more than a year or so then spend more money!! I know that the uk tilers face the same problem. Its the same old story. You get what you pay for.
    So... What can we do that will sell our quote?? Would the layout of the quote help?
    Would perhaps a bit of detail like perhaps a short assessment that you as a professional have observed followed with a written solution together with costs to rectify or create the best result possible. Let's think about how we can sell the package that we can offer.
    "Yes mrs. Bloggs it is a bit dearer but if you look at my proposed quote you can see quite clearly that I only use superior materials and I don't cut corners."
    Well I've had my rant for he week. Think about this guys and let me know your views on this ay.
    Oh and by the way congrats to Stuart who won one of the five iPads from ARDEX this morning at his local Tile Warehouse here in Henderson.
  3. Dean Nicholl

    Dean Nicholl New Contributor

    Been very bitsy this year down in Tauranga with a shortage of new housing going on. Bathrooms, Bathrooms, bathrooms... But things are looking up, I see a lot of new stuff underway and in the last couple of weeks have booked in 4-500m2 to keep me quiet for the next couple of months. Will be nice not to drive around 3 jobs in a day.
    One job is 90m2 400 x 400 x 15mm thick marble so a first time doing this sort of area in natural stone.
    Been doing some homework on a suitable adhesive to use for it. Does not seem to be moisture sensitive but I guess the faster the set the better. Most is over underfloor heating, 20m2 of walls and some over Wet-seal waterproofing(by others). Any suggestions welcome
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  4. Bob Neary

    Bob Neary Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Glad to hear you have plenty on, Dean.
    I know what you mean with the lack of natural stone going down here in NZ. It's really the price of the stuff over here.
    The UK guys put the stuff down all the time. So I'm sure youll get replies when the finally get out of bed. Lol. Sorry cant resist a poke guys.
  5. branty1uk

    branty1uk Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    I skyped my.kiwi mate last night, says there's plenty in Dunedin.
  6. R Horne

    R Horne New Contributor

    More reno,s going on at the moment. New housing has slowed up
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  7. Bob Neary

    Bob Neary Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Did you mention the NZTF? Been getting a positive response for it lately.
  8. branty1uk

    branty1uk Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    I have. Forums are not really his bag.
  9. Bob Neary

    Bob Neary Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    There is now less than 4 weeks til Xmas and from what I've heard, many of you are quite busy
    Looking back on the year, how has it worked out for you? Any memorable jobs? Any disasters? Have you been somebody's hero? How good is it when you present the finished product all polished up and looking a million dollars. To the owner!
    What are you expecting from the next year?
    Are you proactive when marketing yourself? What plans do you have to grow your business or are you content to sit as you are for now?
    Sometimes the best laid out plans can turn to custard. Do you have any backup plans for your business.?
    Do you have any advice for those who may be faced with a downturn in their locale?
    You may or may not be affected by the economy at the moment but sooner or later I think most of us find ourselves in the situations mentioned above. This is just a way to give a little back to the industry by way of advice or support .
  10. AOS Tiling

    AOS Tiling Superb Contributor

    Bob, I was listening to a podcast of an Irish radio programme a few weeks back and a business man was sending out a call for Irish migrants to work on the rebuild of Christchurch. Tradesmen in particular, he reckoned up to 30,000 were required!!! Now I thought this was a slip of the tongue and rewinded it - yes 30,000 and the interviewer didn't query it. They'd help with permits, accommodation and promised relatively good pay. Deleted podcast so havent got details bur googled and found something similiar http://www.workinchristchurch.com/home.html Does this sound realistic to you? Why the demand for foreign labour and how do the locals feel about it?
  11. Bob Neary

    Bob Neary Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    This issue was raised last week on the news. The problem we have at the moment is that we don't have enough skilled labour in NZ and many companies just don't have the time and money to spend on training which could take for example 3-4 years for a fully qualified tiler hence the need for qualified tradesmen.
    However it's been argued that the rebuild in Chch will be over many years so the appropriate trade pool won't be suddenly drained of tradesmen. Some have already moved down but found its just not booming like they thought.
    It's for that reason I strongly recommend to anyone contemplating a move over here to investigate the situation very carefully.
    Now this where the forum can assist anyone planning a move over here.
    I'll start a separate thread just for the Chch rebuild and we can try to get anyone familiar with it to answer any questions.
  12. AOS Tiling

    AOS Tiling Superb Contributor

    If I was 20 years younger, I'd be on your doorstep. Visited NZ for around 6 weeks back in the late 90s and loved the outdoor activity options. Remember stopping for a cuppa at Punakaki and ended up riding a horse at full speed on the beach! Nice spot!

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