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Help needed Limestone Tiles Green Should Be Blue/grey

Discussion in 'Tile Cleaning & Restoration' started by Neville, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. Neville

    Neville New Contributor

    Hello I have just had some Umbrian limestone tiles laid 32sqm (840*56 and 56*56 22mm Thick) These tiles are described as

    "Umbrian limestone has a textured surface which looks well-worn and will last for many years to come. Hand-dressed edges and a soft riven surface give this stone a hand-crafted quality which makes an impressive statement in any space. This grey coloured stone has pleasing subtle colour variation, from earthy umber tones to lichen yellow, making for a very natural looking floor"

    Now I general that's correct but several of the tiles after cleaning and sealing seem to be very green, is there anything like a tinted sealer or anything else I can do to tone down the green?

    Thank you

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  2. DavidCarr

    DavidCarr Tiling Forum Admin Staff Member

    Was it a solvent based sealer?
  3. Neville

    Neville New Contributor

    Thanks for the reply, yes I think so, "sealastone" but to be honest the sealer doesn't seem to have changed the colour they were green before, in fact very green when the "Cement away" was put on, they toned down when washed dried and the sealer applied
  4. widler

    widler Serious Contributor

    To be honest Neville, it's just the colour variation in the stone,only thing you can do is lift them and put another colour stone in, I've done 2 limestone in the last few weeks, it does vary a lot,it does say "from umber tones to litchen yellow", a bit of a colour variation
    I think it looks good,
  5. GHL Geoff

    GHL Geoff Serious Contributor

    I like it looks fine iv just finished a rustic slate 600x400 colour variation makes the look I think image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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  6. Bolter

    Bolter Junior Contributor

    yep, its natural stone, it will vary from grey to yellow!

    But, if you pay him, the tiler should be able to change those two tiles if you wanted, as it is after all, your floor.
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  7. Lithofin bob

    Lithofin bob Junior Contributor

    Hi Neville , was a little concerned with the cement away, was this our one? The stone indeed did tone down as it burnt the calcium carb in the stone surface, was this deliberate to tone down the colour of floor , this is hydrochloric acid based and will not norm be recommended for internal use due to vapour or limestones, just a concern ,

    How long was the floor left after the final clean prior to sealing with the impregnator? As some stones like with variouse density may retain moisture then possible water marking.
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  8. widler

    widler Serious Contributor

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  9. GHL Geoff

    GHL Geoff Serious Contributor

    I don't usually post pics widler as I'm just a standard bathroom basher but this was a wee bit different so thought I'd share :oops:
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  10. widler

    widler Serious Contributor

    Im only a plasterer Geoff, but pics are always needed
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  11. GHL Geoff

    GHL Geoff Serious Contributor

    Bloody hell widler we have a guy on here who tiled a swimming pool for Liberace another one that lives in Portugal and only flys home at the weekend to sit in his season ticket seat at Chelsea because he's been so good at this game. Then you have guys like Albert, phil ect who have forgotten more than I know.... So me posting a 6"x6" white council bathroom adaption won't send fireworks flying lol ... G
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  12. Albert

    Albert Awesome Contributor

    Never underestimate yourself Geoff we all have to start somewhere ;) Nice floor by the way
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  13. GHL Geoff

    GHL Geoff Serious Contributor

    Lol ... Cheers Albert but I started 15 yrs ago
  14. Albert

    Albert Awesome Contributor

    I started 44 years ago :eek: and i'am still learning
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