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London Stone Show Excel

Discussion in 'Tile Cleaning & Restoration' started by amir patwa, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. amir patwa

    amir patwa Serious Contributor

    Any one in need of a free ticket to the show?
    We will have a raffle for FORUM MEMBERS who will visit the show! They can drop in their business card to enter to win a 110 volt variable hand polisher. All diamond abrasives will be discounted by 30%
  2. ray

    ray Superb Contributor

    well i will be there its going to go two ways. one hung drawn and quartered:mad:. two a light bulb moment:D .who knows but i love a challenge :ninja:
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  3. Lithofin bob

    Lithofin bob Junior Contributor

    Should be ok for a ticket , hope so ,we've got a stand!! Look forward to seeing you amir and any others that attend.
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  4. amir patwa

    amir patwa Serious Contributor

    Bob stop by and have a light curry lunch!
  5. amir patwa

    amir patwa Serious Contributor

    At the show we will be exhibiting 6 different hand help variable hand polishers and a renowned ALPHA TOOLS'S SCRATH REMOVAL KIT.
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  6. amir patwa

    amir patwa Serious Contributor

    The show was excellent and well attended! ATS'S stand well attended! So now they can afford new Jags!
  7. ATS Diamond Tools

    ATS Diamond Tools Tiling Product Supplier

    We've skppied Jags and gone straight to Range Rovers ;)

    The show was extremely good for us. We didn't quite know what to expect but it was definitely worthwhile.

    It was also nice to put faces to the many forum names.
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  8. ray

    ray Superb Contributor

    well they did not hang me in fact they took to the large format porcel thin likes ducks to water loved the way they could
    make skirting vanity tops architraves out of real stone then use our tiles to reduce the weight making more jobs possible
    all in great show it was good to meat a few forum members there
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