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NZ Tilers Forum Odds Of Finding Tiles For 5 Year Old Floor

Discussion in 'NZ Tilers Forum' started by Don Nathan, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. Don Nathan

    Don Nathan New Contributor


    I went to replace two broken tiles in an inner city apartment block and despite every apartment having identical tiles the GM was emphatic there were no spares. He then expected me to go and find identical tiles to replace them. I told him the odds of me finding the same tiles were almost zero and at best I might get an almost match. He wasn't happy with that so I told him to contact the developer and find out who supplied the tiles. Do you think there is a possibility they might still be able to source the tiles?

    The alternatives are relaying the whole floor or I could colour match, and patch, the tiles with an epoxy glue. It isn't an ideal solution as the glue is softer than the ceramic so it will wear more quickly and look different after a while.

    Cheers Don
  2. Mattonella

    Mattonella Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    There's always a slight possibility if you know who the manufacturer was if it's available on the original invoice for example. Whilst a lot of tiles have changed over the past 5 years, I still have some tiles available now that were available then.
  3. Marc Johnston

    Marc Johnston Junior Contributor

    Hi there if it is a fairly new build the tile manufacturer should be in the house pack you get,or is this just a Scottish thing
  4. Mark@CTD

    Mark@CTD Tiling Product Supplier

    Post a photo of the tiles, we might be able to identify them...
  5. Bob Neary

    Bob Neary Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Yep we get 1-2 people everyday looking for a tile that has become extinct.
    Unless you have spares in the garage or storeroom forget about it.
    Like its been said unless you know the name of the tile or the retailer you really won't find it.
    If you know who organized the supply for the installation in question they may know who supplied them and will have a record of the sale.
    Even so you won't get the same batch with a shade difference often the case.
    So to answer your question...yes you can with enough info.
    Might be a bit late for you Don but for any future instances of a tile match search.
    Any more cases like this give me a call.
    I work at Tile Warehouse Henderson.

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