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NZ Tilers Forum Old Timer Or Newbie..has The Forum Helped You?

Discussion in 'NZ Tilers Forum' started by Bob Neary, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Bob Neary

    Bob Neary Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Hi guys, various forums have been around for a while now so some of you may be quite familiar with them. For others new to the trade the forums may be something new. But whoever you are I'll bet you've learned something. If only to be something you always knew but weren't 100% sure. I for one with many years in the trade have had a number of things confirmed and even improved upon from the threads and posts in the forums.
    So how have you benefitted from the forum? It may not be what you've learned but who you've met or maybe even a product you've recently tried after hearing about it right here on the forums.
    So let's have it then...don't be shy!!
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  2. Clive Hill

    Clive Hill Serious Contributor

    Bob, I'm not in NZ (gutted! :(), but the forum has helped me no end.

    I was taken on by a 27year "time served" tiler, as I was looking at getting out of Operations Management, and had a strong engineering and carpentry background. I wanted something new, and a fresh challenge.

    Shortly after him taking me onto a site, he'd decided drinking was better than working, and I was left on my own. The regulars on this site have helped me no end. Rather than be dismissive of this "Newbie" they took me in and collectively advised me in all aspects of the trade; some have been more direct with their help; the "Testing Crew" even invited me to meet with the TTA on one of their tests.

    I'm now at the point where not only am I taking on residential work of my own, but I'm now managing the team of tilers on a building site, as I've proved that I have a keen eye for detail, and high standards. Something AOS (Andy O'Sullivan) told me would stand me in good stead.

    For me it's all been about interacting with the guys and girls on here, and whenever I can passing on my knowledge too.

    It's fair to say that I'd have probably turned my back on tiling had it not been for the regulars on here.
  3. AOS Tiling

    AOS Tiling Superb Contributor

    For me Bob, its about both keeping up to date on latest products and interacting with other tile fixers and industry bods who clearly have a passion about their work and the standards they achieve. There's a few that I call direct from time to time and seek advice or opinions plus have some banter. Going back to a previous forum, I even got the opportunity to work on a few jobs with a member who had years more experience than me and that was invaluable - Mr Brant. On my most recent project - a geo floor, I was quite apprehensive due to the layout and size but I called Phil Hobson who was more than happy to give a stranger (other than the forum connection) some tips and advice. I'd also mention some of the top retailers on here like Lee at Tiletown, Dave at BTC and more recently Danny at Tile Depot. I mean where else would you find retailers like that? There are loads more I coud mention like Derek, Jason etc so not meaning to leave anyone out. There's a big market out there and I've no problem sharing anytips or advice while at the same time learning from others.
  4. TheTileDepot

    TheTileDepot Tiling Product Supplier

    As the saying goes. It's good to talk. All I want is honest feedback on my business and how we can always improve.

    This forum has been great for me as I have only been in the industry 6 years (retail 18)

    We have added several brands like sigma to our range due to this forum and got help from many on here
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  5. Clive Hill

    Clive Hill Serious Contributor

    The best thing is you actually listen to the feedback, and care about your trade tilers too Danny :D
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  6. T'T

    T'T Junior Contributor

    Tile forums have been the biggest help over the years if it wasn't for them I'd say I wouldn't be as knowledgable or as good as I am today. I would say with the members on here showing off their work makes you want to hit a higher standard and be as good as they are. Also regarding products well the last product I brought was a pulvex blade for the angle grinder directly from them being on here the same with unvierseal sigma etc etc anybody wanting to get into the trade o e bit of advice would be to join this forum it will help you out no end!!
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  7. Dave

    Dave New Contributor

    Im very new to tiling so been part of this forum has enabled me to broaden my knowledge of tiling, have a good place for advice and questions i may have and a place to view general information about tiling tools and products. ; )

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