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Announcement The May 2012 Tiling Forum Competition Winners Are:

Discussion in 'Tiling News' started by MosaicGirl, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. MosaicGirl

    MosaicGirl Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    DC and us mods are absolutely delighted with the result and the mainly positive reaction to this first major forum competition. Thank you all who have voted and our HUGE congratulations to

    JOE LOUGHRAN, Hillhead Tiling,
    the worthy winner at 1st place
    ANDREW O'SULLIVAN, of AOS Tiling, 2nd runner up
    JAY LYND, Jay from Tasmania no less!, 3rd runner up.
    Well done, and thanks for your input :) :) :)

    For all results please see: http://tilingforum.co.uk/threads/tiling-forum-monthly-competiton-voting-now-open.1032/page-5
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  2. DavidCarr

    DavidCarr Tiling Forum Admin Staff Member

    Okay guys and girls here are prizes that the winner and runners up will be receiving.

    For Joe our winner:

    Sigma 7F cutter
    £80 of Universeal products
    5 litres bulletproof sealer from stonecare4u
    £250 of Weber products
    £80 of Tile master products
    20 Hardie backer boards (14 x 6mm, 6 x 12mm)
    £100 of Pci products
    £100 of Genesis products

    Aos Tiling, our second runner up

    £35 of Universeal products
    £75 of Weber products
    £35 of Tile master products
    £50 of Pci products
    £50 of Genesis products

    Jay our third runner up has very kindly donated his prizes to the following people.

    £35 of Universeal products & £35 of Tile master products to Mosaic Girl
    £75 of Weber products to Doug Boardley
    £50 of Pci products to Paul C
    £50 of Genesis products to Mike

    All values are at trade prices and excluding vat. I'll be in touch very soon to tell the winners how they can get hold of their products. But from myself and the rest of the moderators, big thanks for all who took part and stay tuned for news of forthcoming events and competitions.
  3. Joe @ Hillhead Tiling

    Joe @ Hillhead Tiling Awesome Contributor

    Thank you all so much for everything, what a pot of prizes!
    Absolutely mind blowing to say the least.
    A massive thank you to Dave, the moderators and not forgetting the truly great companies who helped so much with prizes.
    Thank you to all who voted for me too, much appreciated.
    Jay .... By not being able to receive your prizes you have made a few people very happy I'm sure so really well done to you mate.
    I need a drink.:)
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  4. Paul C

    Paul C Junior Contributor

    Only just seen this, many thanks indeed Jay, much appreciated.... :D

    I only really post mindless drivel type banter but hey, we all need to have a giggle don't we...

    Thanks again Jay :)
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  5. MosaicGirl

    MosaicGirl Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    This is all just unbelievably good. Everybody, the way everyone pulls together on here, makes things happen, ...
    DC. you're amazing for pulling this off in the first place and forever improving this forum in so many ways.
    The sponsors, hey thanks guys, we all appreciate you!,
    Joe, well, I know you well enough to know that this couldn't all go to a better guy in all ways and brilliant tiler to boot, and
    AOS, love your posts, didn't expect all this, did you!? :p and
    Jay?! Jay, you are one in a million, what an amazing person, thank you for thinking of me, but mainly thank you for all the good stuff over the past few months. Good karma is going to bite 'ya in yer bum :p and Paul, I like your drivel ;) and I'm chuffed to bits that Mike and Doug are on the list, too, what a great feeling place this is. :) :) :) I'm proud to be a mod on here. :)
  6. magyar vizsla

    magyar vizsla Superb Contributor

    I've been a mod on two forums G, still a mod on one and all I got was grief....(lol, only kidding, the Vizsla forum is an absolute gem to moderate on:))
  7. MosaicGirl

    MosaicGirl Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Yeh, but here you're all so sweeet!! :insertangelsmileyhere: :)
  8. Tommyzooom

    Tommyzooom Top Notch Contributor

    Wowee, thats some prize pot, Well done Joe, Andrew and Jay
  9. Viva Tiling

    Viva Tiling Top Notch Contributor

    welldone everyone, nice one

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