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Tiling Forum Competition

Discussion in 'Tiling News' started by DavidCarr, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. DavidCarr

    DavidCarr Tiling Forum Admin Staff Member

    Afternoon guys and girls,

    Just wanted to say that I'm really happy with the effort that has been put into May's competition. And that personally I'm really quite glad a few points have been raised about the competition, whilst I firmly believe it has been conducted as fairly as possible given the competition criteria, there is always room for improvement. The comments have just given me a well needed kick up the behind to push harder to create an even better tiling forum competition next time.

    So as starting point and first real attempt, I would consider this competition not bad at over a grands worth of prizes, maybe it's time to up the ante a little? Time to get a little more adventurous?

    So moving on, what would you all like to see in future competitions?
  2. Paul C

    Paul C Junior Contributor

    Win a night with a nice Eastern European lady.... or is that just me :p
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  3. DavidCarr

    DavidCarr Tiling Forum Admin Staff Member

    Lol, I was thinking more along the lines of what criteria we should base the competitions on, one category or multiple categories to give more users a chance of winning, have the competitions opt in so that we know from the start who wants to be involved and who's genuinely interested.
  4. Paul C

    Paul C Junior Contributor

    I'll have a think and comment in due course Dave, still fancy my first idea..... ;)
  5. branty1uk

    branty1uk Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Just two simple groups, top fixers, and non fixers groups. The problem with non fixers group is what do they win?
    I like the idea of the competition Dave, but we don't want to over complicate it.
    Like you said, I think the first months competition has gone well, and I think we've learnt a lot.
  6. branty1uk

    branty1uk Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    On top of that we need people to indicate which group they want to be in. That way also indicating their willingness to participate.
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  7. Joe @ Hillhead Tiling

    Joe @ Hillhead Tiling Awesome Contributor

    Well done Dave for running May's competition so well and with such outstanding prizes !!
    Well done to the companies involved too.
    For improvements get VW onboard and put up a transporter, lol.
    You had this comp well set out IMO but iron out any problems that some people have and we'll rock on well I know.
  8. AOS Tiling

    AOS Tiling Superb Contributor

    I'll second that -Well done Dave, you've raised the bar!

    I'm not sure we are too far away with the current format but yes, I agree with Danny and it woud be good to reward the non fixers / company reps who offer so much to the Forum. That poll you held a few weeks back was great in recognising those 'reps' who it was felt had contributed most. While the picture evidence style Tiler of the Month shoud be considered, it can get complicated with so many categories - domestic, commercial, swimming pool etc. I still think that the fixer who contributes most to the overall quality of the forum should be recognised and as May's poll suggests (unless the swingometer hits a hurricane), Joe will win and deservedly so.
  9. magyar vizsla

    magyar vizsla Superb Contributor

    it's a shame that the reps, pst's etc aren't in the prizes, maybe get some travel agents on board to donate prizes for them, but I think the current format should work well for us fixers, some of us will have to up our input/quality to get in with a chance.
  10. jay

    jay Awesome Contributor

    Thought you done a good job of the organizing and setting up of the first competition David, Well done maybe something for the reps would be nice

    So Garry and Deano time to hear your ideas
  11. jay

    jay Awesome Contributor

    The next comp i will not be entering as a contestant (think it is best to share it around) still be posting tho
  12. Joe @ Hillhead Tiling

    Joe @ Hillhead Tiling Awesome Contributor

    I think I'll join you Jay, I have won enough to last me a while.
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  13. Lee@TileTown

    Lee@TileTown Tiling Product Supplier

    Nonsense you two.....no exclusions.....!

    Bar me of course......id win anyway!
  14. mike

    mike Serious Contributor

    It won't be proper comp if you's don't enter, maybe the prizes could go to the next person down the list if you win and don't want the prizes
  15. Dean Farmer

    Dean Farmer Guest

    Ok here is an idea for you how about you leave me out of any further competitions and if you do not like the fact I hit the like button on a post you do not like you can always leave me out altogether
    Or you can just carry on having your pops at me ether way I could not give a toot tahoot
  16. jay

    jay Awesome Contributor

    You commented that you thought the comp was rigged Dean here is your chance to fix the problem so tell us how you think it should be run
  17. Dean Farmer

    Dean Farmer Guest

    post a link to that then jay!!!!! i have never said that
  18. Dean Farmer

    Dean Farmer Guest

    While you are at it jay have a look and see if you can find one negative post about the competition or the way it is run from me and then when you do not find one you can send me your apology. The only thing I have done is to like a post from another member stating that he was not going to vote as he did not like the idea of the comp being a popularity contest. What I liked about the post was the fact he was honest about how he felt and was good enough to give his reasons for not voting. I will not be involved in any competitions from now on voting or taking part.
  19. MosaicGirl

    MosaicGirl Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Oh woe me, the tragedy of it! A competition! With great prizes!! Where people are recognized for their efforts and abilities and are having a good time!! And some of them actually LIKE each other!! Tut, what a terrible thing that is, and what a great travesty to only have people take part who are actually enjoying it all... what IS the world coming to.... there there...o_O
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  20. Oli

    Oli New Contributor

    Bit harsh isn't it, just because he disagreed with something.

    Surley he can defend his self when he is accused of saying something he says he didn't??
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