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Tiling Forum Competition

Discussion in 'Tiling News' started by DavidCarr, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. DavidCarr

    DavidCarr Tiling Forum Admin Staff Member

    Evening all, let's not let our emotions runaway here, it's really not worth getting upset about. I would prefer to consider the competition as recognition for being a professional tile fixer and I like the idea of rewarding the cream of our trade. We get enough grief day to day with one thing and another, wouldn't it be nice just to have something to look forward to each month which costs us nothing but a few clicks of the keyboard.

    Deano, as one of the guys who voted for you, I personally feel it would be a shame to rule yourself out.

    Anyhow, please feel free to pm me your ideas for future competitions.
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  2. Joe @ Hillhead Tiling

    Joe @ Hillhead Tiling Awesome Contributor

    Look deeper Oli.
    It's not just this thread he has attacked today. Lol.
    You are all grown men, act like it.
    The comp was well run fair and square, I'm proud to have won it and I did put up some superb work and threads.
    In fact I put up a floor which I tiled which would grace any home.
    Thank you all again for the great comp, I'm still smiling here.
  3. MosaicGirl

    MosaicGirl Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Maybe, Oli, maybe. But Dean did support Gary's (it's popularity contest) post by telling Sharon just to vote for whom she likes best. It's no secret that Dean likes a good fight, and it was a shame that both Gary and Dean felt it was ok to put a damper on a lovely thread where people did have a good time! What's the benefit of that? And if people don't want to take part in something or not want to vote, well, the choice is theirs surely, but why make an issue out of it?
    And so yes, I'm being cynical here, I'm sure Dean can handle it, he has dished out worse in the past, but the truth is that no-one will give a toss about those who don't want to take part and put themselves in the grumbling corner.
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  4. MosaicGirl

    MosaicGirl Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    You're absolutely right, and keep smiling up in that tree, it's yours :)
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  5. Oli

    Oli New Contributor

    Maybe he does like an argument maybe he doesn't I've not interacted that much with him, but if someone specifically mentions him when he has done what he said he would and refrained from posting then isn't that provoking the reaction.

    It should be balanced and if someone comments on him then he has the right to then defend his self. Surley you agree?

    He has quite politely posted a response to jay saying that he hasn't said the things jay says he has, and asked Kay to prove him wrong or apologise, he hasn't been aggressive or used foul or offensive language so I can't see why people are getting sarcastic with him.

    He has simply asked for jay to back up his post with links or apologise.

    And it takes two to tango as they say!
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  6. Oli

    Oli New Contributor

    Ps I think the comp was good and fairly run
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  7. AOS Tiling

    AOS Tiling Superb Contributor

    I'm delighted that I won something - absolutely happy as a pig in s***. What a fantastic effort from Dave and all the positive people on the Forum!

    Now, back to the footie!
  8. MosaicGirl

    MosaicGirl Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Ive not been on here much lately, so not sure who to vote for​
    Viva Tiling, Wednesday at 7:54 PM Edit Delete IP Warn Report
    #103 Like Reply

    Dean Farmer Professional Tile Fixer
    just vote for the one you like the best hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha​
    Dean Farmer, Wednesday at 9:39 PM Edit Delete IP Warn Report
    #104 Like Reply

    that is what Dean was looking for? It's 3 am in Tasmania, so I did it for Jay...
    It's all tittle tattle...
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  9. Oli

    Oli New Contributor

    I'm probably not making the point very well so I'll try and re word it.

    Dean posted that comment previously, his view is the competition is a popularity contest.

    Why not just ignore it if you disagree?

    Jay has made posts in this thread dragging it back up and provoking dean into responding. Hence me saying it takes two to tango.

    Dean has responded as a direct result of Jay bring back up deans view of the competition.

    If Jay hadn't made the comment initially then dean wouldn't have responded.

    But dean is the one who is being slapped down.

    That's about as clear as its going to get from me - it makes sense in my head!! Lol
  10. Joe @ Hillhead Tiling

    Joe @ Hillhead Tiling Awesome Contributor

    Handbags at Dawn.
    Get over it and move on everyone, its over for now.
    Next comp to be organised so views forwarded if it can be improved by PM to Dave.
    Jay will lose no sleep over this like the rest of us, as Andrew said 'footie time'
    Come on Denmark.
  11. MosaicGirl

    MosaicGirl Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, I see where you are coming from, Oli. Not sure how closely you followed the history, though, it does go back to before the competition when DC invited everyone to put forward thoughts as to how the comp should be run, and is doing it again now, knowing it is impossible to please all people all the time, but at least giving people the chance to put their thoughts forward. In the May comp to have Gary complaining at the end of the thing and Dean by all accounts agreeing was a shame, and all I see here is that Jay said, quite poignantly to both Gary and Dean, now is your chance to make the next comp more to your liking. And it's at that point Dean spat his dummy out. He could have just as easily said, ok, the game's on, I'll try and think of the best ideas for the next comp. Dean's choice how to react here, he's also spat his dummy out re the adhesive challenge, so maybe he's just drunk some grumpy water. But what irked us, and you can't blame us, is that anyone would want to drag something positive into the negative, even when given the chance for renewed input this time.

    This energy spent here should be spent on what the thread is about, what do we want the next comp to look like? And I have a feeling Dean will get over whatever is bugging him.. he usually does. :)
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  12. Oli

    Oli New Contributor

    I hope that the disagreement between yourselves and dean can be sorted then because threads like this with members and mods arguing or having digs thrown back and fourth don't do anyone any good.

    I appreciate though how sometimes as a mod you also get drawn into posting digs too it's a tough job, I don't think people realise how tough it can be sometimes not to take sides.
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  13. mike

    mike Serious Contributor

    If you want to argue there's another forum that specialised in that :(
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  14. Oli

    Oli New Contributor

    Lol mike... Just can't help yourself can you?
  15. Dean Farmer

    Dean Farmer Guest

    Look deeper at what m8 I voted for you! I have not said one bad word about any of the people taking part or the people organising or running the competition so what if I hit the like button I have given my reasons for that.
    Some of the comments have made me realise people you think are friends really are not.
    Joe you are a truly worthy winner and your work is some of the best I have ever seen and I did not intend my hitting the like button to take anything away from you.
    G the post you have referred to was meant to be a light hearted tension breaker and to be honest I have been the most offended by your comments pleas do not call me the next time you need a shoulder to cry on and with that I will say goodbye
  16. MosaicGirl

    MosaicGirl Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Your choice entirely, Dean, and all a bit unnecessary, but I'm glad about your comments to Joe. Thanks for that. That's all any of us needed to know. :)
  17. Grace's Dad

    Grace's Dad Tiling Forum Moderator Staff Member

    I like sarcasm - especially articulate sarcasm.
    Thumbs up from me! ;)
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